Within minutes after Dr. Ludiker takes the podium, an extraordinary suspension of lawyer-seriousness brightens the room. He is an expert, an expert on everything, and his hubris is apparent to everyone but himself. Oblivious to howls of laughter, Ludiker pontificates absurdly onward; discussing clients, billing, recruiting, mentoring, development, compensation, family and any other topic that might mine the potentially hilarious tension within the audience at hand. Every talk seems tailor-made (and some are); every audience is uniquely addressed, everyone cracks up, always.

After hundreds such impressive occasions, Ludiker has developed a deservedly fond following both inside and outside the legal world. His talks are more than funny; they’re smart and relevant to the peculiarities of life in one of the world’s most demanding and misunderstood professions. Ludiker audiences take away much, much more from a performance than they would from a comedy-club jokester: highlights are quoted long afterward, and colleagues return to the office buoyant from having laughed together —at long last —as hard as they’ve worked.

Call Fred Knipe to see if Dr. Ludiker is available for your event: (520)327-3368